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Five For Fundraising Event
Benefitting  the arunachalam trust at the the sri ramana school

saturday, may 13th  | giving tree yoga  | five  classes

Join us on Saturday, May 13th for an afternoon of five fun classes co-led by Giving Tree Yoga teachers all for a cause.

Cost of each class is $20 with all funds raised from the classes donated directly to and benefiting the Arunachalam Trust: The Sri Ramana School.

About the  Arunachalam Trust & The Sri Ramana School

The Arunachalam Trust was founded to provide a high standard of education to disadvantaged children living in the communities surrounding Arunanchala and to promote medical and environmental awareness to community residents through education and assistance.

A School in the name of Sri Ramana Maharshi provides quality education to disadvantaged children in the rural communities surrounding the sacred mountain Arunachala. Established in 1988, the school is funded by the nonprofit Arunachalam Trust that was founded in the guiding light of the world proclaimed sage Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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"No gift is greater than the gift of knowledge."

-Shri Yogendraji

Five Fun  Fundraising Classes

Join our #cOMmunity and let's do some yoga for a cause.

Check out the classes and sign up for one, two or even all five!

Remember each class is a $20 donation. All funds go directly to the Arunachalam Trust.

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