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Self-love is the absolute way to happiness.

I own a yoga studio and teach yoga and I love it! I love the way I feel when I'm in my yoga studio. I love the energy and vibe of people just wanting to get in-touch with their hearts and souls. I love the community and the bonds of friendships made at the studio and the support giving during a yoga class. And, I love the healing that happens.

It all begin over 20+ years ago. Fresh out of college, in a new town, new job, new house and not feeling like I had a "place". I walked into a tiny, one room studio and took my first yoga class. I was hooked. I was fascinated. I was drawn to the spiritual and physical challenges. But, most of all, I was in love with the way it made me feel.

Working in the fast-paced and demanding world of corporate life, I was faced with many challenges and trying to juggle life-balance wore me down. In 2017, I attended a Vision Board workshop. The process of putting my dreams, goals and wishes down in a visual format, gave me clarity that I had never had before. Shortly after this workshop, I left corporate life, took yoga teacher training and set out on a new path for myself. Giving Tree Yoga opened it's doors in August, 2018.

Somewhere along the way, the path I traveled, taught me that with 100% certainty that SELF LOVE is the way to absolute happiness. If you are madly in love with yourself and what you do then you can do anything and be anything.

And if one yoga class that I teach puts a smile on your face...causes you to cry or hold your head a little higher...puts a slight twinkle in your eye...reminds you to notice the small you pause for gratitude...inspires you to give spontaneous hugs to your people...Then I have done my job.

Come attend a Vision Board workshop, New Year Intentionality with me and Jeff Lester. I'll teach you how to manifest and love yourself.

Saturday, January 15th at 2:00. Giving Tree Yoga +Wellness

with much love -


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Caitlynn McFee
Caitlynn McFee
14 ene 2022

Love this so much and thank you for sharing. It's so relevant in my life right now.

How coincidental and fitting ;D Miss you and your lovely studio. Just moved to Chattanooga. Happy New Year Melissa! Sending you love and peace. Namaste <3

Me gusta
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