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What does chewed gum have to do with kindness?

What does chewed gum have to do with kindness?
Yuck! This ruins your day!

You may be wondering about the title of this post and asking yourself, "how can I possibly link a piece of chewed gum to someone being kind?" Well let me tell you a short story... Recently I had a conversation with child who is 7 years old who casually spit his gum out onto the ground of a parking lot as we walked into a restaurant. Later that day, I asked him, "I noticed you spit your gum out instead of throwing it away in the trash, is there a reason you didn't throw it away inside?" His reply, "My dad spits his gum out all the time." {insert the emoji with the wide eyes here}

Our current cultural climate is one of hurriedness, over-stimulation, instant gratification, obliviousness, rudeness, entitlement and judgement. As adults, parents, torchbearers to the future generations, is it not our responsibility to act in ways that teaches some of the most fundamental human behaviors and emotions? In a society that has disconnected from human-to-human or human-to-nature interaction because of an addiction to digital devices, violent video games and lifestyle choices, where do turn to regain our humanity and simple awareness?

Simple, teach kindness.

Over the past week or so, I've been sharing a poem at the end of my classes that talks about raising children to be kind, tender and loving beings, to see the world with loving eyes and offer kindness to even the lowest of creatures. This idea is the essence of the first Yama on the 8 -fold path of Yoga - Ahimsa - Nonviolence.

Nonviolence is a stance of right relationship with others and with self that is neither self-sacrifice nor self-aggrandizement. This tenant guides us to live together, share the goods and do what we want - without causing harm to others or ourselves. - from The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele

For just a moment pause, and evaluate your daily actions, your verbal language, and your body language. Slow down and take note. If you were looking in a mirror would you like what you see back?

The moral of this story, our children are our mirrors to the world. Be the role model that you wish to see reflected in your children.

The world can use more kindness.

Carry Love in Your Hearts and Spread Kindness Everywhere you Go...



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