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Giving Goddess Circle

Come gather with women in circle and share a safe space for  releasing old beliefs, launching  our renewals,  setting intentions and manifesting.  


Each month  a specific topic ,Goddess, or archetype that pertains to us all in one form or another will be chosen.  an alter  will be built that each member  can  contribute to. We will share with each other, release whatever we need to and manifest and rebirth our own  ideas and dreams . We will participate in a guided meditation with sound frequencies and journal and share afterwards.  This will be a sacred space where we will respect and honor what is said in circle and not go outside the  4 walls we gather in. We will gather as close to a new moon or full moon as we can once a month. 

Women’s circles have been happening for centuries. They began as a way for the women in the village to gather, socialize, share stories and support each other. They were centered around the moon cycles (their menstrual cycles synched) and have continued in different forms over the years. We want to gather women in our community to come together, to work through societal restraints, to let go of old belief systems and to create a safe space to share and support each other.

Celebrate us In all stages of life (maiden, mother and crone).

Our next Circle begins October 24th at 7:30 pm (please allow 2 hours for each meeting)

Each circle has limited space - up to 15 women. 

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