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A Yin Journey Through the Eight Limbs of Yoga

With the start of a new year at our new studio location, our Thursday Yin class will begin the year journeying through the eight limbs of yoga to focus on yoga as a whole by incorporating the Yamas (external disciplines), Niyamas (internal disciplines), and Pranayama (breath control) in combination with the physical postures (Asanas) in an effort to withdraw the senses (Pratyahara) and create concentration (Dharana) in hopes of reaching peace (Samadhi) through mediation (Dhyana).

Eight Limbs of Yoga. Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi
Move Through the Eight Limbs of Yoga in Thursday Yin Class

As delineated by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, these eight limbs act as a guide on how to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. These guidelines direct focus on our own conduct, self-discipline, morals, health and understanding of the spiritual aspects of nature.

Each week will spotlight an aspect of one of the eight limbs by combining the usual yin-styled physical postures with relevant music, mantras and guided meditations to deepen our understanding of yoga as a whole. The new studio will offer a fresh setting for new opportunity to strengthen your yoga practice in the new year!

The journey beings January 7th and continues through April 22nd to encompass all eight limbs with all five Yamas and all five Niyamas.

Please join us, as follows:

JANURY 7TH – Yama: AHIMSA (non-harming)

JANUARY 14TH – Yama: SATYA (truth-telling)

JANUARY 21ST – Yama: ASTEYA (non-stealing)

JANUARY 28TH – Yama: BRAHMACARYA (moderation)

FEBRUARY 4TH – Yama: APARIGARAHA (non-attachment)

FEBRUARY 11TH – Niyama: SAUCHA (cleanliness)

FEBRUARY 18TH – Niyama: SANTOSHA (contentment)

FEBRUARY 25TH – Niyama: TAPAS (zest for life)

MARCH 4TH – Niyama: SVADHYAYA (self-study) MARCH 11TH – Niyama: ISHVARA PRANDIHANA (surrender) MARCH 18TH – ASANA (physical postures) MARCH 25TH – PRANAYAMA (breath control) APRIL 1ST – PRATYAHARA (turning inward/withdrawing senses) APRIL 8TH – DHARANA (concentration) APRIL 15TH – DHYANA (meditation) APRIL 22ND – SAMADHI (openness with all living beings)

Look forward to seeing you on Thursdays!

-Madeline Brown

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